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Growing our Community!

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

This month I am wanting to focus on community! When we feel part of a community we seem to do better and all parts of the community gain from our involvement.

So, what is community? The definition states that community is a unified body of individuals with common interests. We are all familiar with the most common communities that we are involved in, our town, our church, any other organizations that we may have joined. But do you know that I am working to build a true community here at Infinite Life Chiropractic Center! You are all part of the large community of individuals who want to achieve health through proper nervous system function by receiving chiropractic care. I am also working on creating a community feel around all of the moms and families that I see here in the office. More on that here in a bit!

First, why is community important? When we are connected with others, we are able to better live with a meaning, with compassion and with purpose! This is done through gaining the support that we need from other members of the community to make the tough choices that we know are best for ourselves and for our family! When we feel that we are not alone we are more confident in our choices. This confidence carries through in so many other aspects of our life as well, and mainly in how our children perceive us! We want our children to see us as being confident, compassionate, loving individuals and we also want them to see the world in this way. When they see their parents creating relationships with other that share these same values, it will become second nature for our kids to also be confident, compassionate and loving!

This is why part of the mission on Infinite Life Chiropractic Center is to utilize community to improve our health. There are a lot of ways that this could be achieved but for now, I am really working on providing this community support for moms and families. There are so many transitions and so many unknowns that we go through during motherhood and having a supportive community around us is essential. So, what I am wanting this to look like is to have a Moms Group meeting once a quarter from here on out! We already have our quarterly playgroups- which may be more for our moms than for our kids… but Moms Group is going to be 100% about mom! We are going to get together and have an article to discuss as a group first and then there will be open discussion about what each of us are going through and what support/advice we need!

I have found is that we are all going through something, and no, it may not seem that big to you at the time, especially in relation to what you hear of what other parents are going through, but if it is on your mind a lot, there is a need to talk about it and figure out a plan! I am planning on talking to each of you moms and figure out the details of our first meeting at your next appointment!

What I would love for all of you that feel that this is not the right fit for you, is to think if that is really true, and if it is, do you know of a mom who may benefit from a supportive community around her? If there is someone, please share this post with them and then also ask them to reach out for more details on how they can join our growing community!

I am really excited to grow the community feel here at Infinite Life Chiropractic Center and would greatly appreciate your assistance in helping me live out my mission: At Infinite Life Chiropractic Center, we strive to assist mothers in raising well-balanced children through chiropractic care, education and community to improve the health of the whole family! Thank you for your continued support!

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