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  • Dr. Liz Homan

Christmas Lights...

Who has gone out and enjoyed looking at Christmas lights this year?

We have already done a drive through one and we are going to Wildlights at the Zoo on Saturday! I am sure one night yet between now and Christmas we will load the girls up and go for an evening drive as well and enjoy all of the beautiful lights that are put up in our community!

While we were driving through the light display when visiting my parents, there were a few displays that were not working. I am sure that each of the light displays had been previously inspected and made sure to work, but at that moment, the lights were not able to shine. Well, what caused that?

For some reason, there was a disruption in the flow of power from the main power source to the light display. We then were unable to see the beauty of what the display was supposed to be.

And did you know that it is the same thing that happens to you when you are not fully connected to your power supply?

Your brain is the power supply that runs the entire body, and when there is a subluxation, or misalignment in the vertebra in your spine, the nerve signals are not able to go from the brain to the rest of the body.

This then results in you not being able to shine as brightly because you’re uncomfortable, you get migraines, your child is not content, your child spits up a lot… the list could go on and on…

Even though you know that your body has the ability to work well, because it has in the past or it has been inspected by the best doctors and nothing found ‘wrong’, you are not shining bright at this moment and you are unsure what to do.

Well, what do the workers at light displays do when they see the lights not working properly? They go and try to find where the disconnect is and restore the power so the lights can shine!

That is my job, too! As a chiropractor I assist your body in restoring the disconnects so that you can shine brightly and be the person that you know you are able to be! To allow your body to be fully connected! And for your kids to be fully connected as well so that they can grow to be healthy adults!

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