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  • Dr. Liz Homan

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wow. Let that sink in for a bit. The way that we view the world impacts how we experience the world.

If we see the negative in everything that is out there, we will experience negative in our life.

But if we notice all of the good, and honestly, there is plenty of it, we just hear about the bad on the news, then we will have a positive life.

So, what are some things that you can do to help you start to see the positive and good in life?

One of the top things to do is think of all of the things you have in this life and what you are grateful for! I start each morning writing down at least one thing that I am grateful for. This is a great way to start your day on a positive note, and it really beats getting on our phones right away and seeing all of the ‘things’ that we need to do. It takes about 3 minutes for me to write a nice size list of things I am grateful for and it puts me in the best mood- a great way to start my day!

Another thing, which I have talked about this a little bit before, but I want to expand on it again, because it is really important! If we have an ache or some sort of pain and all we think about is how much pain we are in, it is easy to go into a downward spiral. But if instead of spiraling out of control, we could acknowledge our discomfort and then choose to move on from it, I bet your day will be much more enjoyable. And that is not to say we cannot have a rough day every now and again… we are all human and we have bad days.

But, if we are continually having bad days, instead of constantly focusing on what is going wrong, we need to interrupt our thought pattern.

A great way to get out of that negative cycle is to either talk to a trusted person about how you are feeling or write it out. I feel like once I either talk it out or write it down, it makes it seem less ‘scary’ and I feel like I can manage it better.

If none of the above are making a huge difference, maybe introducing affirmations into your daily routine could be beneficial. Affirmations are a great way of retraining our brain to seek the positive and focus on what we want to achieve. I have created an email series on How To Use Affirmations to Find Joy in Pregnancy without Adding More to Your Plate. You can sign up to receive these emails at

No matter what we have been given in a day, we are the only ones who choose how we deal with it. And one final note- in the end I am the only one who can give my children a happy mother who loves life.

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