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Pregnancy Research

I am sure a few of you have noticed that I have not been putting out much new content lately, but that I have been repurposing some of the stuff that I have previously shared with you all…

Well, there is a reason for that… and it is because I have been exhausted and had some slight, and I mean slight, nausea over the last several weeks… and the reason for all of that is because we are expecting our 3rd baby! We are very excited to welcome Baby Homan to this world the end of April 2022!

So, thank you for giving me some grace over the past several weeks and I hope that you have enjoyed looking at some of the content that you may have already viewed and refreshing yourself on it!

Today I was talking to a patient about how when pregnant, it is very important to RESEACH everything that goes along with pregnancy and birth so that you can make informed choices and be satisfied with the end result!

For all of you pregnant mamas out there with me, I found this great list of topics that we should be researching so that we are fully prepared for our births!

Here is that great list (in alphabetical order):

· Babywearing

· Chiropractic Care

· Cloth Diapering

· Colostrum

· Delayed Cord Clamping

· Doula

· Epidural/Pitocin Spiral

· Exercise

· Eye Ointment

· Lactation Consultant

· Magic Hour

· Midwife

· Newborn Stomach Size

· Nutritional Supplementation

· Perineal Massage

· Placenta Encapsulation

· Safe Co-sleeping

· Skin to Skin Contact

· Vernix Caseosa

· Water Birth

Now I know I could have taken the time to explain some of these things to you, but I find it important for you to take your time and learn the things that you find important and to make your own unbiased decisions!

And know that even though this is my 3rd pregnancy, I will continue to learn and read new topics so that I can have the birth that I desire! I hope you will do the same and make informed decisions about your birth!

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