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What Kids Visits Look Like!

Well, my little girl turned 2 this past weekend and I cannot believe how quick time is going! You all know that I love to talk about how chiropractic can impact children’s lives but today I want to share with you what a wellness check and adjustment looks like in the office!

I have two types of kiddo patients. There are those that come in with some certain dysfunction (colic, reflux, constipation) and then I have what I call wellness patients. These are the patients that their parents understand the value to receiving chiropractic care and choose to have their child’s spine evaluated and corrected if necessary every couple of weeks. Today I want to talk to you more about them!

These kids, or as I like to call them, chiro kids, love coming in and getting adjusted! I have quite a few families that fall into this realm and the really cool thing is that they ask to be adjusted after certain falls and are super excited to come into the office.

No matter what the child is coming in for, their visits look very similar! It starts off by using the scope to evaluate their spinal skin temperature! This lets me know exactly where there is dysfunction in how the nervous system is operating. And honestly, this is such a helpful tool to have when working with babies and kids because most commonly things are not uncomfortable for them, but they are also not functioning optimally.

Once I know where there is nerve involvement based off of the reading from the scope, I am then able to find the exact level of subluxation. In little babies, I do this with them either laying on their belly or back and when I find the subluxation, I remove it right away by adjusting the spine. The pressure is very gentle and the baby usually remains very calm (as long as they are not away from mom’s arms too long 😉).

For older ones, I will have them sitting in the chair to evaluate their spine and then have them move to different tables based off of the level that they need adjusted. So for their neck adjustment some lay on their back and others stay sitting in the chair similar to how their parents gets adjusted, but I use significantly less pressure when adjusting kids then I do when adjusting adults! And then for their mid and lower spine, they lay on their belly or side and receive a very gentle adjustment making sure to keep the spine as neutral as possible.

And that is it! Well, besides the fact that they all love to crinkle the face paper when done and you better not forget about getting them their sticker at the end! 😊

The cool thing is that no matter what a child comes in experiencing, most of them leave the office in great moods and their body and brain are fully connected because they are subluxation free! They are then able to grow and develop into the strong and amazing children that we desire to raise!

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