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  • Dr. Liz Homan

What we do at the first sign of getting sick.

This weather has been so lovely lately hasn’t it. There are so many fluctuations with the temperature I have been seeing so many say that they are not feeling well! I want to share a little with you about what we do in our house when one of us is not feeling well.

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you are just a little more sluggish, or in the afternoon when you start to feel just a little scratch in your throat.

We have a few key focuses right away.


So, we make sure to eat as clean as possible, meaning no extra sugars, possibly even limiting sugary fruits and starches and for sure cutting out dairy. We also increase our water consumption! Like by a lot… we will do what we call the gallon water challenge, yes, that means seeing if we can drink one gallon of water in a day. And then we focus on rest! Getting to bed as early as we can and then resting during the day if the day allows for that.

Above this, we also increase our vitamins. Everyday we take our prebiotic, an Omega with vitamin D, and an elderberry gummy. I take a prenatal multivitamin and Anna takes a yummy gummy multi. If we notice we are starting to feel sluggish then we will do an extra dose of all of the above. If you want more information on what we specifically take, let me know, I can get you information of what we have found to be the most beneficial and natural.

Another thing we do is focus on what we are telling ourselves about how we feel. We talk about how healthy we are and how strong our bodies are. When we focus on negative, being sick, then we get the negative- SICK. But when we focus on the positive, how healthy we are, then we get positive- HEALTH!

We also make sure to get adjusted. This is because your nervous system controls all our bodily systems, including our immune system. And when our spine is out of proper alignment or subluxated, our nervous system suffers and affects how our immune system functions. When our spine is in proper alignment, our immune system can function more optimally and help us overcome what we are struggling with!

This is what we typically do in our house when one of us starts to not feel well! Is there anything that you do differently in your house? I would love to hear about it!

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