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Happy Father's Day!

Well, if May is for Mothers, June is for Fathers! So often fathers may not feel as needed in the parenting processes, but I am here to shine a light on how important dad is, from the very beginning!

So frequently dads do not think that their health is a huge factor during pregnancy as they are not the one getting pregnant, but I have some news for you all! DAD MAKES UP HALF OF THE BABY! 😉 Just because dad is not the one carrying the baby does not mean that he does not need to be health conscious during the preconception time frame! Let’s talk at your next appointment if you have questions about your preconception health! Dad should also try to maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy along with mom, as you are in this together!

Other times that dad can be a huge support is during the actual birth process! Just ask Kyle about hip presses next time you see him and he will tell you all about the physical support he provided during Anna’s birth. But it is more than physical, moms love the mental support that we receive from dad! The encouragement that a spouse provides to one another is instrumental in living a well-supported, happy life!

And as the child ages, moms still need the mental support from Dad! And moms, dads need the reassurance that they are good dads too! This is a whole new experience for the both of you as parents and going through it together can make it at least more enjoyable. (Note I didn’t say easier... I don’t know if it ever becomes easy, but it sure is fun!)

Dads, you are also great at providing physical support for both child and mom as the child ages. That could include changing your share of diapers (wet and poopy), waking up with baby when needed, and just spending time playing. And let’s not forget about the loving support you give to mom. For example, she may need Saturday morning off to catch up on a little housework... oh who am I kidding... I meant sleep! 😂 mom needs more sleep and you are there to provide a break for her to get that! But the cool thing about this break for mom, is that it is some great one on one time with you and your kid! You could go to the store (Kyle’s choice is Home Depot - productive and fun), go to the park, or just to the other room to allow mom some time on her own!

Dad, you are also great at giving mom a break when her arms are tired from holding a crabby baby, you are great at making your kid laugh like no one else can, you are great at being a dad! And please, never forget that!

Wishing all of the great dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day! I hope you have something special planned for the day!

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