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Chiropractic: what I do as a chiropractor

Let’s do a refresher on what a Chiropractic is this week! I know most of you already know this information but I want to make sure anyone new to reading the blog gets a good understanding of the amazing power of what chiropractic can do for us!

As a chiropractor I deal with the relationship from the brain to the rest of our body through our nervous system.

As you know, our brain sits up in our skull and the spinal cord is attached to it. The spinal cord runs down our back and is protected by the bones in our spine, called vertebra. The spinal cord then branches into thousands of nerves that go out and supply every single organ, tissue, and cell within the body!

Our nerves are what allow for us to feel different sensations and to move our body the way we want too. They are also responsible for allowing for our organs to function the way they are designed. So, they let us run and jump, feel the warm embrace of a hug and also make sure that our digestive system processes food properly. Our nerves are pretty important. 😆

Our vertebra, or the bones in our spine, protect the spinal cord and the nerves that exit off of the spinal cord. This is super necessary because nerves have the consistency of jello and can be easily compressed or damaged.

When the bones of the spine misalign, or subluxate, for any reason ( I will share some of those reasons with you next week) the other tissue around the nerve can cause for the nerve to not be able to send and receive communication from the brain to the rest of the body.

So let’s say you are driving around 270 and all of a sudden it goes from 4 lanes down to 1 lane… you are still able to get through, but at a much slower rate and with a lot more work (or frustration)! The same is true when your spine becomes subluxated.

The body is still able to function but not at the optimal level that we want it too. This can present itself in so many different ways and it honestly is different for each person. Some experience increased levels of pain, others notice a shift in how their digestive system is working, others do not sleep as well and quite a few see changes in their menstruated cycles…

My job as a chiropractor is to identify areas in your spine where you are subluxated and to correct those subluxations through an adjustment. An adjustment is where I place my hands in a very specific way on your spine and apply pressure to move the bone back into it’s more near normal position. Once the bone has been adjusted, or moved slightly, the pressure that was on the nervous system is usually reduced which then allows for the communication pathways to open back up.

For some people there is an immediate shift and it is like all 4 lanes of traffic are back open and for others it is a gradual shift and it goes from 1 lane to 2 lanes and then 3 lanes until we finally get to all 4 lanes of traffic open.

Every body responds differently to chiropractic care because it takes the input and does with it what it needs.

With that, the stories that I hear from patients on how their lives change with chiropractic are amazing. From moms who almost stopped nursing due to their child being unable to latch properly due to a tight neck, to rapid blinking being resolved, and no more bed wetting, to no more migraines in so many patients. The list just keeps going and going and going.

I have seen so many lives changed by removing the subluxations that are present and allowing for the body to function as it was designed to function. If you want to see what it is like to live life infinitely, schedule your initial evaluation online at

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