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How Are You?

How are you showing up for yourself? I ask this to my patients quite often, especially when they come in saying that they are a bit run down!

I give them the simple task of doing one simple things for themself that day! I also advise them on a little trick I learned about several years ago which is to have a list of 7-9 things that you can easily do when you are feeling overwhelmed/tired/anxious/done that will help ground you and give you the endurance to continue on.

These could be things like having a cup of tea, taking a walk, doing some breathwork, saying a certain mantra, stepping outside for a bit, doing a small gratitude practice. Simple things that you can easily do that will reset you!

Well, what is interesting and that I have started to really focus on this for myself. To listen to what my body is telling me and what it was saying over the past several months is that it was time to rest more and to be more present in my actual life than in marketing/advertising for the business. So that is what I have done…

Now don’t get me wrong, I have always made being Mom one of my highest priorities, but something shifted in the last few months, and I took a break from all of the extras that I was also doing… I started to rest more, I started to read for enjoyment (if you have any book recommendations, I would love to hear them!), I honestly started to have more fun!

Since it has been so long, I would love to update you all on a few life things as well!

  • We had a great time in Florida in April. This is when I really started to stop (does that make sense…) and to just be present! Our trip was actually relaxing, which I was genuinely surprised by because the thought of traveling with three little kids is not my definition of relaxing but we did it! We had fun, enjoyed the sunshine and the beach and were able to relax!

  • Maggie is 1! Wild how fast this past year has gone! She is amazing and those of you that get to see her in the office know just how sweet and fun she is! She is moving all over, trying to keep up with her big sisters and is generally a very happy little girl! She usually wakes about once a night which has been a struggle for us, but we know that this too will pass.

  • Jane is now 4 and still has a skip in her step everywhere she goes! She exudes joy and I often ask myself how can I be more fun and cheerful like Jane is! I have tried to skip, hop, and jump with her as much as possible as we go about our days together!

  • We have chosen to continue homeschooling the girls for next year as we have absolutely loved this past year! Anna is about to complete her Kindergarten year and is reading well and Jane is working on her letters and sounds! We have loved the family time that this has allowed us and the freedom to choose what they are exposed to at such young ages! I would not say I am an expert in all things homeschooling, but if you are considering it for your family, reach out and I would love to share the details that I do know.

  • Our babysitter, who was with us since last August, has chosen to go full time at her other position which has resulted in a long search to try to find a replacement. Though it all, I had many leads but nothing felt quite right and so we decided to hire for the summer and then see where things bring us in the fall! This is one of the things that was making me feel very overwhelmed, but when I finally released the pressure to get it figured out right away, everything fell into place! This is something that I am working on more and more each day!

So that is a little update for you! Through all these changes, I have made sure to make taking care of myself a priority! That I listen to what my body is telling me and to work on things when I feel called to and to rest when I feel called to rest!

I feel very grounded and sure about what this summer looks like for us and I know that as I maintain myself and my wellbeing, it will be a great summer for all of us!

My schedule at the office will also be expanding a bit as I am feeling called to serve here a bit more! At the moment, our plan is to open up Wednesday morning in the middle of June and then depending on how quickly that fills in, I will be opening up Wednesday afternoons as well. So, if you have any friends or family that you know would benefit from the care you have received, I would love for you to share my information with them so they can get on the schedule!

I truly love what I do and I feel so honored to be your chiropractor, and honestly, your friend!

Thank you for allowing me to serve you!

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