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'How we stay Healthy' from a 4 & 6 year old!

The other week we were completing Anna’s science lesson and it was all about germs and how germs make us sick… and honestly, it was just too far off of what we believe for me to continue…

So, I shut the book and grabbed a piece of paper! (thank goodness for homeschooling!)

I wrote ‘How we stay Healthy’ on the top and then I asked Anna (6) and Jane (4) what are the things that we do every day to keep our body healthy! There is no way to avoid being exposed to these little germs that everybody thinks are so bad, so what can we do to keep healthy!

Here is the list that they came up with!

(I guided them a very little bit- and honestly was sad to see chiropractic so close to the end, but since it is not daily, I think they forgot about it…)

I wanted to share this with you because these are the simple things that we can do everyday to stay healthy and I want to make sure you have the list as well! If there are things that you are not implementing in your life, try adding them in and see what changes you notice!

Here is to staying healthy and taking good care of your body!

If you have any questions about germs and what I am talking about, I would love to discuss that with you sometime! 😊

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