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  • Dr. Liz Homan

New Way to Look at Things... Under New Management

I recently saw a little store near us with a sign that started that they are now ‘Under New Management’ and I am sure you have seen similar signs over the years…

We all know that with that sign the business is telling people that may have been unsatisfied previously that they were aware of their shortcomings. But more than that, they are striving to run the business in a better way, possibly more efficiently, with improved customer service, a better product/service, etc. They want to improve the business.

Well, it got me wondering, how many of us need our household to go ‘Under New Management’? And I mean that figuratively, even though I know a lot of us moms would like a real break from time to time.

What I am talking about is what could we do differently or more efficiently in our house? How could we choose to have better ‘customer service’ toward our family? How about the way that we take care of ourselves?

I know I personally have a few things that I would love to work on, but nothing is giving me the push because I have been doing the same/similar thing for the last 6+ years as a mom… but what if I took a step back and looked at our household like a business?

What if I looked at the struggles in our household system and worked to remedy them?

What if I find the things that irritate me and find a way to change them so that they are not as irritating? How about I prioritize taking care of myself and my house the way that I desire instead of just continuing to struggle with the same things every day?

An example of a change that we recently made came to mind as I was writing this. It may not be much, it didn’t cost me a thing, but wow, it brought me a lot of peace…

The big girls have been drinking out of small open cups for years now and all of a sudden this summer they have been needing more water. A good thing but what it lead to was them making multiple trips to the fridge to fill up their cup every meal. And once one of them went, the other than needed more water too… Wel, I didn’t feel comfortable changing their cups to our small glass ones (didn’t want broken cups), but I was done with them getting up from the table. So, I thought of a solution. I found a nice glass jar that has a stop top on it (for some reason we had it sitting around the house) and now each day we fill it with water and we sit it on the table. Now, when the girls need more water during a meal, I just reach for the bigger bottle, open it up, fill up their cups and move on… like I said, it does not seem like much, but it has brought me a lot of peace!

And just like this little change brought me peace, I am sure that there is an area of your life that makes you wild… I want to encourage you to take a step back and look to see if there is a solution that you can easily implement! And then when that ‘problem’ is taken care of look at another area and try to make your home run more efficiently.

You may be wondering what this has to do with chiropractic, and to be honest, it really doesn’t have much to do with it, but what it has to do with is bringing peace to your life and reducing your stress. And we all know that when we have peace in our life, we feel better, have more energy and are better mothers!

I would love to hear what area of your life needs to be put ‘Under New Management’ and what your plan is!

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