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  • Dr. Liz Homan


Is it cold and flu season? Or is it each a bunch of sugar, not get fresh air and stay up late season?

We all know that the way that we treat our body and the things that we consume all make a difference on how our body treats us! When we treat our body well and give it the things that it needs, it in turn treats us well! But when we don’t get adequate sleep, have increased stress, and then fuel it with sugar, it will not treat us as well as we would like it too.

I heard this awhile back and want to share it with you! “We take care of the things that we love and if we love ourselves, then we will take care of ourselves.”

So, even though it is a busy time of year, and it is only getting busier, but I want to encourage you to take the time that you need to take care of your body! Here are some reminders of things to make sure that you are doing to take care of your body!

  • Drink plenty of high-quality water

  • Get the amount of sleep that your body needs

  • Eat as nutritious and wholesome of a diet as possible (but allow yourself to have a treat every now and again!)

  • Manage your stress by figuring out what you can do to help you move through your stress!

  • Get fresh air as often as you can!

I think I have shared with you in the past how to do these things so that is all that I am going to say today and just give you these little reminder! And above everything, make sure to find joy in the things that you are doing in life!

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