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Who else is loving the sunshine today?!? Even though I am inside writing this on a quick break between patients, it is still so nice to have the sun shining in the office windows!!

Just like the sun is always there, just sometimes covered (for days!!) with clouds, our nervous system is expressing itself at 100% until it reaches a subluxation (you know, the little misalignments in our spine) and then it is dulled down…

So, what are the ‘clouds’ per say to our nervous system? What is it that is causing these subluxations?

The 3 causes of subluxations are toxins, traumas, and thoughts.

The things that you ingest, like foods, drinks, air quality, personal care products all have an impact on your nervous system. Try to make these as pure as possible so they do not lead to subluxation formation!

Traumas that happen to the body are so much more than the big falls! The traumas that I find affect the most amount of people are the little, repetitive actions that we take every day. For example, holding our children, bending over to fill the dishwasher, scrolling on our phones, how we move/do not move our body daily, etc. all have a huge impact on how our spine is positioned and if subluxations develop.

Our thoughts are so powerful and I have learned and shared over the last 2 years with you more and more on this! Any emotionally destressing event that we may experience results in a specific change in how our body presents itself! A quick example is that if you are not feeling supported in life, you may have chronic low back pain. This is why it is important to regulate your emotional well-being and fully feel and process your emotions!

When subluxations form in our body, it is so hard to tell what might occur. Some people go on living just fine not knowing that micro changes are occurring in their body (the constant ‘cloudy days’ will become more and more as they go unrecognized) and other people immediately notice a shift in how they are feeling. They could have an increase in pain, a change in how their digestive system works, headaches, lower energy, etc.

The cool thing about all of this is that we have the power to change what is going on in our body! We have the knowledge to seek chiropractic care when something is off and when a subluxation is removed, that clears the nervous system and allows it to express itself more fully!

Now if only we had the same control over the clouds…

Let us enjoy the sun shining fully on us today and let’s get our body expressing life at 100% by having your and your children’s spines checked for subluxations!

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