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The Good Part

I just finished a book titled ‘The Good Part’ and it got me thinking.

A little recap first.  A 26 year old girl wishes that she could skip to the good part of her life to avoid all of the hardships she was dealing with… well, it happened, and she woke up and she was married, a mother to 2 and had her dream job. BUT she had no memory of how she got there. She could not recall how she met her husband, her children’s births and all of the memories in between. She eventually wished to go back and actually live her life so that she could experience all of it!

So here are a couple of my thoughts on the topic, not that we really can skip to the ‘good part’ but just some things that came up for me:

  • THIS IS THE GOOD PART RIGHT NOW! Even though life seems all over the place- changing diapers, cleaning, endless laundry, etc. – this part right here, right now, is amazing!

  • Slow down and get to know your people! In the book, she had to re-create relationships with her kids and husband, can you image that? She saw them for who they were and not layered with the past memories on top of them! What past memories are we holding onto that are limiting our relationships? What would happen if we just let go of them and lived in the present!

  • We can have fun NOW! We do not need to wait for our kids to grow up to start traveling again, to do something for yourself, to build/maintain/fix solid friendships, to really live!

  • We get to choose how we want to live! Do we want to live always wanting something more/different/better or do we want to live this life? Well, I would suggest that you live this life to its fullest! It is not worth stressing about the future, living in the past or wishing for something different! No matter what, we need to live now, because there is no other way that we will be getting these things unless we actually live this life and do it!

So even though life is really hard right now, I would choose to live this life over and over again compared to skipping ahead a few years and missing out on the ‘tough’ ‘hard’ part of life! In this part, we make amazing memories and live our life!

Okay, that is all… not meaning to give book reviews, but it really struck me that I want to live this life no matter what! I hope you feel the same about yours!  

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