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  • Dr. Liz Homan

The Role of the Parent

The role of a mother, or honestly, the parent!

As a parent we have so many responsibilities, to make sure that our children are fed, clean and well mannered, but to me it is so much more than that! My job as a mother is to always, and I mean always, protect my child and do only what is best for them!

At times this comes very easily and at other times, I have to be very focused and attentive to the needs of the girls.

And since we all know that the world is a little crazy out there right now and at times, our children are being exposed to things that we never thought would be a thing and to people who are just beyond rude for no apparent reason, our job is to protect our children when they are exposed to these situations and to make sure that they always know that they are safe and protected!

I have found that one of the best ways to do this is to feel safe and secure in the choices that I make and in who I am being as this confidence and energy ‘rubs off’ onto our children! I also know that when I keep myself calm and at peace, my children stay peaceful as well.

So, when I get us into a situation that is maybe a little challenging, I choose to remain calm, make sure that we are safe and then to do what I feel is the best for me and my family! For some, it may not be the choice that they would have made, but that is okay, because they are also making the choice that is best for their family!

And that is how I talk to the girls about this. If they ask why is this or that the way it is, I say something along the lines of that is what they feel is necessary for their family at this time but then explain the why behind what we are doing. I then explain that our choices are ours but that they are not the same as other people’s choices, and that that is okay!

I have found that when I stop and explain anything to the girls, in terms they can comprehend, that they really do get what I am talking about. By simply having a conversation with them, I am able to explain why we do things the way that we do.

By staying calm and confident as I am talking to them about things, they know that they are safe and protected, which ultimately will develop into them having their our confidence and feeling of secureness that I think we all desire for our children to have! So, as their parent, I know my job is to allow them to have fun and to feel like they are can fully trust me with everything that they need in their life at the moment! And that is what I strive to provide for them!

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