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Make the Holidays Enjoyable!

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Well, we made it through a cold Halloween. And now it is NOVEMBER!! Which means it is about to get a little crazy with all of the get togethers, the shopping, the colder weather, the shorter days…. But this does not need to be a stressful time of year! I want to talk about what we can do this holiday season to maintain our health and enjoy the holidays!

The first thing to focus on is our mindset. Do you remember when this was the BEST time of year! When we would look forward to it so much! Well, it can still be the best time of year! We can still enjoy it now that we are adults with little humans at home to take care of! We just need to find joy in the little things and maybe start a fun new tradition! A few fun ideas:

  • Making cut out cookies and decorating them together! Last year we did this with Anna and we had so much fun… for about 15 minutes! 😆 And then I had Kyle take her out of the kitchen as I finished the decorating! It was fun to do part of it together and then nice to have some time to decorate on my own (something I really like doing). Make it work for your family by doing it however works best! Maybe buy the dough, or mix it up and bake the cookies after the kids go to bed… let go of the expectations of what it is supposed to look like and do what works for your family!

  • Have the kids help decorate the tree! Maybe string some popcorn and hang it up! Or, if you like your tree looking a certain way (🙋‍♀️🤦‍♀️), let the kids decorate a small tree that they could put in their room or somewhere else in the house. That is what we will be doing this year! 😆

  • Find a fun holiday craft! There are plenty of ideas online from simple to complex crafts! Choose one that you feel you can do together without getting upset during the process!

  • Go and visit Santa! 🎅 And go in with the expectation that your kid is going to cry and not want to sit on Santa’s lap which means you will get to have your picture taken with Santa too! Or does that only happen for us?

  • Maybe have a movie night each week where you watch a Christmas movie. I know we will be watching “Charlie Brown Christmas”, “Angelas Christmas”, “The Star A Story of the First Christmas” and I am sure some Curious George and Mickey too!

These are all fun things that you can do together as a family to bring some joy and excitement back into this busy time!

I also have a list of simple tools that you can stay healthy through this busy holiday season!

  • Drink plenty of water! Bring a bottle with you while out shopping and with you in the car as you are traveling! Staying hydrated is so important!

  • Get plenty of sleep! When we sleep, our body heals and regenerates, so even if you are extra busy, make sleep a priority!

  • Limit sugar and alcohol intake! The alcohol portion maybe easy for you (🤰🤱) but the sugar is hard to avoid! Allow yourself to have a little bit but also make sure that you have some healthy snacks that are easily assessable!

  • Try to keep up with your regular exercise routine! When we exercise we naturally decrease our stress and improve our immune function!

  • Be aware of your amount of technology use! It is easy to spend hours on our phones a day scrolling but then later in the day we feel like we didn’t get anything accomplished. But, using your phone to organize and accomplish tasks can be very beneficial as well. The key here is to have a balance and to remain focused on what you are trying to achieve when you get on your phone!

  • Maintain your chiropractic care! Even with all the things that need done, taking time to focus on your health is so important! And don’t forget about the kids! Maintain their appointments as well! We want the whole family to be healthy and happy on Thanksgiving morning and Christmas morning!

Focusing on these tools will help you maintain your health through the holidays and make them much more enjoyable.

I love the quote “It’s never to late to have a happy childhood.” By Tony Robbins! It is never too late to be a kid again and to enjoy the holidays like you did as a young child! So focus on having fun with your family and taking care of yourself!

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 and an early Merry Christmas! 🎄

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