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Causes of Subluxations!

There are 3 causes of subluxations, the misalignment in the spinal vertebra that as a chiropractor I work to remove, and they are Toxins, Traumas & Thoughts.

Toxins are the things that we eat, drink, breath, put on our skin, etc.

Traumas are just that, traumas, like a fall or accident. But they also include microtraumas, the small repetitive actions that we do every single day of our life. You know, like how you hold your baby, how you look at your phone, the crazy position you sleep in at night due to the kid in your bed.

And thoughts…

Well, until recently, I was never really sure specifically how thoughts impacted our body. I knew that negative thoughts resulted in increased cortisol in our body, but honestly, how did one person’s stress affect them completely different than the next persons?

I was never confident on the direct connection so I would just focus on talking to people about the other two causes, traumas and toxins while in the office. Other than the usual, decrease your stress… which as a mother is about as successful as telling our kids to lower their volume… or is that just my house?

But, close to 2 years ago, I learned of German New Medicine and it explained perfectly how our thoughts affect our body. It explained it so perfectly that I needed to learn more about it and so that is what I have done.

I have learned that when we experience specific thought patterns, our body responds in a very specific way! For example, when we experience a life event in which we did not feel supported by our spouse, our body presents with low back pain.

I have learned that by looking at how our body presents, we can identify what some of our underlying thought patterns are that commonly lead to our reoccurring symptoms.

I have learned that a skin rash is due to a very specific thought pattern and that it is very different than the thoughts that lead to digestive issues. That when we feel isolated, we will hold onto water, typically resulting in weight gain. That vomiting and diarrhea are signs that our body is healing while constipation means that we are still in the middle of the stress.

With this information, I am able to guide people in a different way than I have ever been able to in the past. I am able to help them identify what the true cause of their condition is and to guide them in releasing it.

I am excited to dig into this even more and to learn about the issues that mothers commonly present with and how resolving the thought patterns we have in our life directly affects our babies! If this sounds like something you are wanting to learn more about, respond to this email and I will make sure you get more information as it comes available!

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