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  • Dr. Liz Homan

Can I start Chiropractic Care... Even though I am Pregnant?

You are told not to start anything new during pregnancy but man, your body is really starting to hurt. So, is it safe to start chiropractic care, even though you are already pregnant? And why would someone want to receive care while pregnant!

For example, I use a table that has a way of being positioned so that there is no pressure on your belly while laying on your stomach. And beyond feeling better after your adjustment, it also feels really nice to just be able to lay on your stomach for awhile. And, if your chest is super sensitive as your body prepares for nursing 🤱, there is another table that I can use, called a knee-chest table, that does not put any pressure on your belly or your chest!

So if you are one of the MANY women who experience body aches and pains through the pregnancy journey, know that it is safe for you to receive care. Also know that you do not need to continue to be uncomfortable during your pregnancy!

And the cool thing is, that above and beyond the resolution of your low back pain that you started to experience, many pregnant mamas experienced one or more of the following benefits:

- A 25% reduction in the average labor time verse the “generally accepted average labor time” 😳

- Decreased morning sickness 🤢

- Helps maintain balance, which is often times is off with the change in center of gravity

- Reduction in pre-eclampsia ❌💉

- Improves bowel function 💩

- Increased overall sense of well-being 😊

So even if you are feeling great and you are not struggling to get up off the floor when playing with your other kiddo and you are still sleeping comfortably, know that chiropractic care may still benefit you throughout your pregnancy.

Honestly, it is never too early to start care during your pregnancy and the only time I will not see a new pregnant patient is if she is already in active labor! If you feel that you may want to get adjusted, now is the time to get started so that you can experience many of the benefits throughout your entire pregnancy and actually enjoy being pregnant! Because that is possible!

The changes that your body go through are all part of the beautiful process of welcoming your baby into the world and I am here to assist you in whatever way possible to make the transition as smooth as possible! Please reach out with any questions you may have!

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