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Food is NOT the Enemy!

I AM BACK! Well, at least for this week… 😊

Since I have been gone, we welcomed our third beautiful little girl, Maggie Rose to our family! We are all doing well, and the big girls absolutely adore her! We also celebrated Jane’s 3rd birthday and I wanted to share a little more about where things are at with her!

To catch some of your up before I get into the update and post about what is currently going on, Jane had a ton of food sensitivities when she was first born. We went through many months of eating a very limited diet which led me onto a journey that I am going to share with you now:


FOOD IS NOT THE ENEMY: Jane’s story of finally being able to eat the cake!

Have you even been told your child will NEVER be able to eat a certain food because of how their body reacts to it?

What if I told you that was not true?

And what if I told you that was not true because I have been in that place?

My middle child, Jane, was that baby who every time I would nurse her, she would basically spit everything up I had just worked to get into her. I remember sitting on a blanket, because we always had a blanket down to not ruin our rug, on the living room floor, crying after feeding her. Asking myself why this was occurring. Why did my seemingly happy little girl not respond well to my breast milk?

The first thought was that she cannot handle certain types of food, and like most, we thought this would be a lifetime struggle for her…

So, we started the journey of eliminating a few foods at a time thinking we were going to see a huge change in the amount she was spitting up, and at times we thought we had identified the “trigger” to only be coved in spit up a few hours later.

And let’s not even go into the quality of her poopy diapers… I mean breast fed poop is supposed to be easy, but that was not the case with her…

So around 3 months of age, we continued with our elimination diet but also started to try other things to see if we could identify what was really going on with her. Jane had already been receiving regular chiropractic care from me, a chiropractor who sees countless kids with similar symptoms, all who benefit greatly from the care I provide in a few visits, but it didn’t seem to affect her in the same way… So, we decided to reach out to other natural minded practitioners to see if they could assist us in identifying the cause all while waiting the 8 month wait it was going to take to get in to see a pediatric GI doctor.

We spoke about past emotional traumas that we may have passed down to her, we did energy testing to see if we could identify the specific trigger foods. I even removed certain supplements and added others in hoping it would calm her tummy. All of which we thought were making a difference and then once again, covered in spit up a few hours later…

I honestly feared for what her future would look like. Would she be able to do the things other kids do, mainly, would she be able to eat the cake and ice cream at a birthday party?

And don’t get me wrong, we were grateful her skin was clear, she was sleeping well, she was having regular poopy diapers (even though they were not healthy looking), and she did not appear to be uncomfortable in any way. I know a lot of other parents that have kids who cannot handle certain foods deal with these common issues, so yes, we were grateful, but we also knew something was just not right.

Well, around the time we were finally able to get in with the pediatric GI specialist, we started to see a change.

We linked the change we saw to the journey I was on in improving my mental wellbeing. We didn’t realize how impactful this was on Jane at first but I changed not just how I spoke and thought about myself, but also how I thought and spoke about those around me. This was all taught to me by an amazing transformational coach.

So, with this new knowledge, Kyle and I intentionally shifted how we spoke about what Jane was experiencing. We eliminated any negative talk that was made directly to her and even what we spoke about her when she was not around. We knew words were powerful but were unsure if it would make a huge difference but thought it was worth a try and now we see just how impactful it was. This is due to the simple fact that we speak our life into existence and everything happening in our physical body is an expression of what is happening in our psyche, our mind. When we change what is happening in our thoughts, the physical body will change and has the potential to heal!

We also removed any fear I had around reintroducing foods that had previously been eliminated/found as triggers for her. After a lot of focus, time and dedication, her diet opened up immensely! Thankfully, she benefited from a lifestyle change I was undergoing, to become a more calm and present mother, without me fully understanding how impactful it would be for her!

So no, we never moved forward with actual allergy testing, but I am pretty certain if we had, we would have been told that our little girl was allergic to everything from dairy products to pineapple. But we would not accept that to be true for her and we choose to now speak a different life into existence for her, one where she can digest any and all foods with ease!

And now I have many pictures of her eating anything and everything she desires! Some I approve of and others, I just let it go, because I now know food is only toxic if we think it is… (more on this in a bit 😊)

While going through all of this, I am not going to sugar coat it, it was exhausting, both physically and mentally, but my husband would tell me one day you will use this to help others. So those moms do not feel so confused and isolated while they are on this same journey. Because it can be a very scary time, wondering if this is something your child is going to have to live with for a lifetime! Not sure if they will ever be able to eat eggs, have dairy, be able to eat anything other than certain whole foods…

Well, it took a me a bit, which was all in God’s timing, and when I was ready, all of a sudden things just poured in and I was introduced to my current mentor who has guided me in identifying what was actually going on with Jane and how what we did healed her body, not through the physical, but through making a change in her psyche.

He has explained to me things I had always known about, like how powerful the body is in healing itself, but in a different way that focused on first healing the mind! I always knew thoughts made a huge difference in not only my life, but those that I serve with chiropractic, but I never knew how to fully address this stress. He taught me specific relays on how each symptom we experience is just a sign as to what is going on in the mind that we are not aware of and, reassured in me that the human body is perfect in every way. He introduced me to what is known as German New Medicine.

German New Medicine is a guide to use to understand how things going on in our physical body are most likely linked to some sort of emotional event that occurred previously. It looks at what is occurring and helps us to see what we need to release and that the body makes no mistakes. That each symptom we undergo is for our greater benefit in becoming the best human we are called to be! To allow our body to be the strongest, most resilient being it can be. That our thoughts greatly affect how our body functions. For example, if we think a food is bad for us, it will become toxic to our body… but if we are at peace with it and know consuming small quantities will not cause any issues, very few issues will actually develop.

And through what I have learned from him, and with the grace of God, I am so blessed to be able to use the experience we went through with Jane to be a source of hope and guidance for other moms going through similar experiences. We are resolving the skin conditions, constant congestion, the messed-up bowel function and behavioral issues they were seeing so that their little ones, like my Jane, are able to go to the birthday party and enjoy the cake!

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