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  • Dr. Liz Homan

Healthy Pregnancy!

Pregnancy can be a very unknown time for a lot of new moms to be and I want to take the time today to share with you all a few tips that can be done while pregnant to help you have the healthiest pregnancy possible!

One very important component to having a healthy pregnancy to is to focus on the time prior to conception! I have heard and completely agree that a lot of couples put more time into planning their wedding then they do in planning the conception of their children! So, I want to encourage you to be aware and plan to make a few lifestyle changes prior to conception! You may choose to work with a professional on specific preconception recommendations or you may just want to focus on cleaning up some areas of your life and getting your body into a healthy spot. This could be changing or adding specific supplementations, adding exercise into your life, reducing the amount of caffeine you take in, eating a whole food based diet, and beginning a daily routine where you focus on your body and how you are feeling! By starting these things prior to conception, it will be much easier to maintain while pregnant then to begin it all at the start of pregnancy when you are feeling tired and possibly a little nauseous…

So beyond the preconception time, and if you are already pregnant, know that it is not too late to make the changes in your lifestyle to now support your body where it is at. Take the same recommendations that were made above and add them into your life and see if you notice any changes in how your body is feeling!

Beyond making very important lifestyle changes, it is also very beneficial to receive chiropractic care prior to pregnancy as well as during your pregnancy! Chiropractic care prior to conception has been found to promote regular menstrual cycles, ensure proper nerve supply to reproductive organs, optimize uterine function and prepares the body for a healthy implantation. And then during pregnancy, chiropractic care has been found to improve fetal position, reduce back pain, decrease pelvic and round ligament discomfort, shorten labor and delivery times and reduce the need for pain medications during labor!

The typical pattern that I see pregnant moms after they are in a state where they are feeling pretty good, so out of the original pain that brought them in, is that I will see them every other week until around 36/37 weeks. A that point, due to the amount that they body is changing and growing each week, we typically agree that being seen once a week is what allows mom and baby to thrive and prepare for the birth that is desired!

If you have any questions about ways that you can change your lifestyle to become healthier during pregnancy, please let me know! I am happy to share the knowledge that I have gained through years or severing this population and through personal experience!

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