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Subluxations Causes

My job as a chiropractor is to remove subluxations in the body and some of you may not even know what a subluxation is and what they are caused by, so here you go! 😊

Subluxations are defined as a misalignment in the bones of the spine (vertebra) that results in pressure

or irritation on the nerves that are exiting out at that level. When this occurs, there are many things that can occur from painful/sore areas in our body to dysfunction in how our digestive system is working to changes in sensation in our toes!

But what causes subluxations to develop in our body? Well, theses are what are known as the 3 Ts. Toxins. Traumas. Thoughts.

Toxins are things in our environment that our body does not consider ‘natural’. This could be anything from the body products that we use to the additives that are put in food to make them more stable. When the body is exposed to some sort of toxin, it identifies it as a foreign invader and leads to the immune system responding in an attempt to ‘right’ the chemical balance. If that is not possible, the body will make a biomechanical shift and this results in a subluxation forming.

Traumas are anything that is done to the body that is not within its normal movement pattern. We are all aware of the big traumas, like car accidents and falls down the stairs, but we are not as aware of the small traumas that we experience each and every day. This is the way that you sit at the computer, how you hold your child, your sleeping posture, the stress the body experiences when cleaning the house or giving the kids a bath. All of these small traumas do not seem like much at first, but over time they build up in the body and lead to dysfunction and subluxations forming in the spine.

Thoughts, or our emotional levels can affect the physical body quite significantly as well. When we have repetitive negative stresses, or a major emotional trauma, the body responds in changes in our hormone levels. These hormones create biomechanical responses that result in subluxations forming and causing dysfunction in how the body is operating!

So now that you know what can cause subluxations, you may now better understand why even though you did not have a major physical trauma, you have put stress on your body and subluxations have developed in your spine leading to some sort of dysfunction in your body. And remember, that dysfunction does not need to be only pain and that it is usually how your body is functioning!

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