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  • Dr. Liz Homan

The End of 2020

Well to say that this year has been interesting is a bit of an understatement. There are so many people who feel like this year has been nothing but bad, but as always, I want to challenge you all…

Yes, I know that businesses were shut down, people suffered from a very serious disease, our kid’s lives where forever changed and life as we know it was altered.

But what I want to challenge you to is to find some positive things that have happened this year! Because even though the days may seem long, the years are often times short and full of many blessings!

Many of you welcomed new beautiful babies this year, some even welcomed two 😊! It has been a joy watching families grow and evolve together.

I have also noticed an increase in patience in so many of our parenting styles. I mean I know our kids can be a bit much at times, but think about all of the beautiful, fun adventures that you were able to go on this summer in your own back yard!

Another great thing is people are learning how to spend more time together as a family and enjoying new hobbies. I mean some of you have taken up some pretty ambitious projects that you may not have even thought about doing if you didn’t have so much time at home.

I am not wanting to discredit the very real way that this year has affected the mental and physical health of many of us, but I do want to encourage you to look at this year and find some blessings in it.

We all have the power to create the stories that we tell ourselves and the memories that we choose to hold onto.

So how about we let go of the memories that no longer serve us and create stories that allow us to know that life is always here to support our greater good! We get to choose how we live life and I encourage you to choose wisely!

And this is not just so that 2020 can be considered a good year, but because it will affect how you go into 2021! And I do believe we all want to make 2021 a bit better that 2020! So, let us remember the good, release the bad and go forward living an amazing life!

Here is to an amazing end of 2020 and to an awesome 2021!

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