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  • Dr. Liz Homan

8 Years! Thank You!

Wow, so Infinite Life Chiropractic just had its 8th birthday! I have also been in the new office location for a year now and it has been amazing! I want to take a moment and thank each and everyone of you for allowing me to live out my passion in life and to provide chiropractic care for you and your family!

Over the last 8 years I have had some amazing testimonials of how chiropractic has allowed people to live their life infinitely! This has ranged from all age groups from newborn up to grandparents! Today I want to share just a few of these stories with you all!

I recently began seeing a baby who when in the resting position had a head tilt that was very significant. After about a month of care, this child’s resting head position is much more neutral. You might wonder why that really matters as before receiving care, this child was thriving. Well, having proper body positioning will greatly impact how this child grows, develops and learns!

I am also working with another little one, just over 2 years old who has so much mucus production that the child will vomit after coughing to get rid of the drainage. Well, after several months of care, including working on integrating some of the primitive reflexes that were retained, this child is doing so much better! They have not had any vomiting in the last several weeks. We are still working with this one with hopes of improving sleep quality but overall, the parents are very satisfied with the outcomes of care!

I have seen quite a few high school students who after being very active in sports experience different aches and pains. It is amazing to see the progress that they make when their body is aligned properly! They both feel better, and they are able to function more optimally in their desired sport!

I currently am working with another patient who prior to chiropractic care was getting debilitating migraines several times a month. Well, with the implementation of chiropractic care into their life, they are having migraines every so often but no where near as frequent or severe as when they initially started care!

Another patient came in due to having leg numbness and weakness and after just a few visits they were out of pain and honestly feeling better not just physically, but emotionally as well! Cleaning the house and doing the desired activities now are easy and enjoyable for this patient because they feel so well!

And then the pregnant moms that I see! There are so many amazing stories of how they go from having significate pain prior to starting care and then after a few adjustments they are now able to sit on the floor with their older kids, able to get all of the baby prep done, remain more calm with their spouse because they feel better and also prepare their body for the birth that they choose! It is so amazing working with these moms and allowing their body to adapt to the ever growing baby inside!

I also have seen a few grandparents over the years who go from not being able to stand in the kitchen for longer periods of time due to extreme pain to being able to be the fun and active grandparent that they desire to be!

It has been truly amazing getting to serve all of these patients over the years and I am honored that you all have trusted me to provide this care for you and your family! THANK YOU!!

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