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  • Dr. Liz Homan

Cold Symptom Support

When your child is not feeling well, you want to do anything to help them feel better! Well, there are certain things that we can do to aid in their healing and to make them the most comfortable through the healing process! Today I want to talk about ways to help our kids feel better when they have the common cold- so a runny nose, congestion, or a slight cough!

Your child most likely will not have as much energy as what they do when they are feeling well, so honor that and do not push them to do more than what they feel like. Rest is the time that our body heals and it is important to allow them extra time to rest when they are not feeling well. This could mean reading some extra books with them, watching a movie, sitting and coloring for extended periods with them so that they can allow their body to rest! Also, if they are seeming really tired at bed time, it is great to get them to bed early and then allow them to sleep in as late as they can in the morning!

To help make them more comfortable, adding a humidifier into the room that they are sleeping in can be awesome at making the air easier to breath and not as irritating! High humidity can also help loosen any congestion that is present and allow the nasal passages to be more open. When this is done, they will be more comfortable and able to get better sleep, which like we just talked about, will allow their body to heal faster!

Eating a clean diet when kids are not feeling well is very important. The things that we put into our body control what comes out of our body! So, if you are feeding your kids foods that cause them to produce more mucus, like dairy and sugar, they will also put out more mucus. If you are putting clean food into them, you will allow their body to function the way it is designed and to not work twice as hard in eliminating the mucus that their bodies are making!

Adding some extra vitamins into their daily regimen can also be very beneficial at this time. Some things that we add or double up on when the girls are having some small symptoms include Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Elderberry. If you have any questions about vitamins specifically and how many they should have, please reach out and I can share more details with you on this!

And finally, making sure that your child is getting plenty of fluids is essential when they are not feeling well. This will allow for the germs to pass through their body faster. It is best if you are doing just plain water or water with lemon added to it. If needed, try to find a 100% juice with no added sugars. I recently found that the girls really like flavored coconut water which is a great option for them when I feel they could use a boost with their hydration! Or I just put their water in a different style cup than what they are used to using… it makes it fun again. 😊

The biggest thing to remember is that their body is capable of healing on its own and that with these extra support items that I just shared with you, your child will be feeling better very soon. They will have also developed a stronger immune system that will allow them to handle the next incident with more ease! But, if at any time you feel like your child’s symptoms are too severe and require medical intervention, please consult with your primary care physician to see what they recommend for your child!

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