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Subluxations: T.T.T.

Last week I refreshed you on what chiropractic is and what my job as a chiropractor is. If you missed it, you could check the post out here! This week, I want to talk to you about what causes subluxations.

First, do you remember what a subluxation is? It is when the bones in your spine, or vertebra, misalign slightly resulting in pressure or irritation on the nerve. This in turn slows down the communication from the brain to the rest of the nerve via that nerve. Remember the 270 analogy?

Okay, so what causes our body to become subluxated? These are commonly referred to as The Three T’s.




Our environment is made up of so many different components, some that are good for us and others that cause harm to our body. When our body is exposed to harmful toxins over and over again, it can be devastating.

The body responds to any chemical as if it were a foreign invader which leads to the immune system responding in an attempt to ‘right’ the chemical balance. If that is not possible then the body will respond with a biomechanical shift. This shift commonly results in a subluxation forming.

I know more and more people are becoming aware of what they are putting in and on their body and I would encourage you to take a look at the products that you are consuming and using and try to eliminate some of the toxins.

We all know what traumas are, but there are two types of traumas that I like to talk about in regards to becoming subluxated.

The first is what most people commonly refer to as an accident of some sort, I call those Macro Traumas. This is when you do something and you feel the effects right away.

But there are also Micro Traumas. This is when your body does the same exercise over and over again and it results in a repetitive strain or stress in that area. Some examples of this are how you pick up your toddler, or how you sit when you are nursing your newborn, or the way that your baby’s spine is flexed while getting their diaper changed. All of these small, repetitive postures can lead to the muscles and ligaments becoming tired which then allows for a subluxation forming.

It is common for people to come in after a macro trauma but then due to the receptive nature of micro traumas, they choose to maintain chiropractic care so that their body feels the best that it can.

So our thoughts or emotional levels can also cause the bones in the spine to subluxated. When emotional stress of any kind is felt the body will physically tighten up.

If high stress levels are maintained for a prolonged period of time it will result in changes in hormone levels. These hormones create biomechanical responses that result in subluxations forming leading to reduced functionality of the body.

This emotional stress can come from anywhere… such as “is my child meeting developmental milestones properly?” “I look fat today.” “I really wish I had the time for that.”

And this is why I am so adamant on watching and controlling our thoughts. We have the ability to manage our stress levels so that they do not become damaging to our body.

I think that most people relate the need for chiropractic care to some sort of physical trauma. But as your saw, the body responds to toxins and thoughts by shifting biomechanically as well. So even if you have not had a recent “accident” you may greatly benefit from chiropractic care!

The only way to see if you have subluxations in your spine is to be evaluated by a Chiropractor. If you are wanting to have your spine evaluated, you can set up a new patient evaluation online at

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