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You Are Not Broken!

The other day I received a phone call from a soon to be new patient asking if I could ‘fix’ their symptoms… and it made me think of this post that I shared with you all in June of 2020 and wanted to remind you all of it again!


You Cannot Be Fixed...

I frequently receive phone calls from potential patients asking if I can ‘fix’ their issue whether it be back pain or a breech positioned baby or their child’s colic… and the answer to this question is always the same… NO!

No, I cannot fix you because YOU ARE NOT BROKEN!! YOUR CHILD IS NOT BROKEN!

Yes, chiropractic may be extremely beneficial in helping your body function better, but my goal is not to fix you. My goal is to help you express life at 100%! When this happens so much is possible!

And that is what chiropractic is! It is helping your body express life at 100% so that you can thrive! And when you are thriving, your body will feel better, your baby will be able to get into optimal birthing position and your newborn will be more content!

But the goal is never to fix a specific complaint because then we would be minimizing the amazing power of chiropractic by only focusing only on the problem.

When I tell patients that my main goal is not to get them feeling better but to get them functioning better, they often look at me like I am crazy. But that is because they are in so much discomfort at that point that they just want out of pain. When I explain to them that when we get your body functioning better, the pain will usually take care of itself, they understand that I do have their best interest at heart.

When we focus on only the issues that they are in for, we would miss out on all of the possibilities that come with chiropractic! It is often times reported that once under regular chiropractic care patients begin to sleep better, have better focus, their menstrual cycles regulate and become less painful and they are generally happier overall.

As most of you are aware, I am very passionate about using language that builds us up. If we are saying that we need fixed that is implying that we are “broke”, and what does that do to us? It tears us down. But if we say that we are not fully functioning, but we can be soon, then our body will soon be fully functioning!

And this is true of our children as well. If they hear us constantly talk about a limitation that they may have then they will start telling themselves that they have this limitation. They possibly may never overcome that limitation as it becomes part of who they are. But when we speak of how they are thriving, what we get are thriving children!

Our words are powerful, just like our body! Trust in the power that is in your body and amazing things will happen!

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